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BankManager® Pro - The Industry Leader in Automated Loan Document Management

Access to customer information is essential in today's competitive financial industry. Customers demand quality service, and to provide it, you need instant information availability. Financial Institution Products Corporation® (FIPCO) recommends the complete BankManager® Pro suite of products for your document exception, imaging and customer verification needs. Designed by bankers for bankers, this innovative software system is the technology solution for today's financial institutions.

BankManager® Pro CIP

For any financial institution's credit department responsible for monitoring collateral and policy exceptions, accurate tracking of loan documentation and collateral perfection is essential to proper loan supervision. BankManager's Pro Exact is the optimum solution for your document exception tracking needs. By combining the latest imaging technology and document management techniques with compliance concepts to track required documentation and monitor collateral exceptions, this Windows®-based software brings together the information you need to provide quality service to your customers, and to achieve efficient loan and account supervision.

BankManager Pro Exact is used by financial institutions throughout the country to track key documentation requirements, and keep on top of the various exceptions that inevitably occur in a lending function. BankManager Pro Exact has many advantages and features not contained in other tracking systems. The software also allows for customizing of exception codes, policy exceptions, loan grades, loan status, and many more, all with the click of a mouse.

 Additional benefits of BankManager® Pro Exact include: 

A CENTRALIZED CREDIT DEPARTMENT for financial institutions with multiple locations is becoming more and more popular. Accessing customer credit files from a branch or multi-bank location has always been the main issue against centralizing the credit function. BankManager® Pro was developed by American Bank Systems to create an electronic credit file which allows the viewing of customer information from any branch location and permits simultaneous review by multiple loan officers. BankManager® Pro also tracks loan documentation and policy exceptions, clears exceptions upon receipt of documents scanned into the system and now has built-in identity verification search capabilities, including OFAC, designed specifically for compliance with the USA Patriot Act - Section 326.

BankManager® Pro provides a comprehensive document imaging solution and an optional verification search capability, BankManager Pro CIP. The imaging portion of the BankManager Pro program was developed to create an electronic credit file that allows the viewing of customer information from any branch location, and permits simultaneous review by multiple loan officers. Documents stored in the system are captured in two different ways - through a bulk-scanning process for manual indexing or from barcodes on documents, eliminating the manual indexing process.

Imagine… Imaging Loans

BankManager® Pro CIP

BankManager® Pro CIP streamlines the customer verification process utilizing the best technology available to allow financial institutions to form a reasonable belief they know their customers.

Customer indicators allow personnel to easily identify when the documentation and verification procedures have been completed and identity has been established. These indicators also allow personnel to easily determine if additional procedures must be performed before the account can be opened.

BankManager® Pro CIP checks the OFAC list during the verification process and offers additional identity verification search capabilities with LexisNexisT RiskWise® that include step-by-step actions for personnel to follow when discrepancies occur during the verification process.

BankManager® Pro CIP allows the financial institution to comply with record retention requirements by documenting completion dates for verification procedures and comparison to OFAC and other government lists.

BankManager® Pro CIP includes a feature that allows a financial institution to image all identifying documents and limit access to particular personnel, such as loan officers, as determined by the institution. Imaged documents are easily retrieved by customer name or account number and can be linked with all applicable accounts. Customer signatures are also available, which adds greater security to the account process.

Additional features and benefits of BankManager® Pro include:

FIPCO is committed to providing customers with the finest financial technology solutions, service and support available. BankManager® Pro is a high tech solution with high touch support, complete with:

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