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American Bank Systems


  • BankManager® Elite - This product provides a comprehensive document management solution with imaging and exception tracking and an optional verification search capability, BankManager Elite CIP. The imaging portion of the BankManager Elite program was developed to create an electronic credit file that allows the viewing of customer information from any branch location, and permits simultaneous review by multiple loan officers. BankManager Elite also integrates with Compliance Concierge™ to provide a seamless platform that reduces overhead burdens that plague other imaging programs.
  • BankManager® Exact - This Windows®-based solution is a stand-alone program that is an integral part of the BankManager Elite document management system. It was designed for document exception tracking, and collateral monitoring needs has built in compliance concepts to track required documentation and monitor collateral exceptions. Exact can easily be upgraded to the latest technology in document imaging and document management techniques of BankManager Elite when the need arises.

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Ascensus is the largest independent retirement and college savings services provider in the United States, helping over 6 million Americans save for the future. With more than 30 years of experience, the firm partners with financial institutions to offer tailored solutions that meet the needs of financial professionals, employers, and individuals. Ascensus specializes in recordkeeping, administrative, and program management services, supporting over 43,000 retirement plans and 3 million 529 college savings accounts. It also administers more than 1.5 million IRAs and health savings accounts.

Blauser Technologies

Blauser Technologies offers the MMS software solution which is a powerful program that uses special fonts to generate MICR encoded products such as payment coupons and starter checks utilizing your financial institutions personal computer and laser printer.

  • MICR & Paper products can also be ordered from Blauser Technologies. Customers can go to Blauser's online order site: http://www.blausertechnologies.com or by phone: 888-500-6427.
  • Additionally, MMS Official Checks software allows you to cut costs by voiding fewer checks, printing all types of official checks using the same stock and print the entire check with copies. MMS OC increases security with real time OFAC compliance, tracks and maintains all printed check information, plus blank stock is useless if stolen. Improve service and productivity by keeping your teller in the teller line and using the interface with Compliance Concierge™ products.

Chapman Technologies

Chapman Technologies provides innovative software solutions that simplify the risk assessment, audit planning, disaster recovery, vendor contract management, and the data analysis needs of Wisconsin's Financial Institutions. Our secure web-based solutions include a powerful risk management framework - "RiskOptix®Actionable Data". WBA members can leverage the leadership position that has been earned through years of hands-on industry experience. For example in 2008, our President and Founder, Mark T. Chapman, CISM, CISSP, has been invited for the second year in a row to present "A Practical and Effective Approach to Risk Assessment" at the FFIEC Information Technology Conference in Arlington, VA.


Using the state Department of Transportation database, the DealerTrack® Online Registration System (OLRS) allows you to register, title or renew a vehicle, update records, verify information and make needed adjustments from your desktop. Benefit from having your financial institution's lien placed immediately.

For more information contact FIPCO Sales at 800-722-3498 or via email.

Factual Data

Factual Data is a trusted provider of independent verification services to mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, and property management firms. For more than 25 years, Factual Data has helped clients confidently make prompt, accurate decisions that mitigate risk, enhance safety and soundness, and increase profitability. By aggregating and analyzing information, Factual Data helps its customers protect its financial assets and make informed decisions.

Factual Data is part of the Altegrity family of businesses. Altegrity is a leading global information services company with 11,000 employees in 30 countries united by a common mission to help government and commercial clients by uncovering, reviewing, analyzing and delivering information. For more information, visit www.factualdata.com.

Contact FIPCO Sales at 800-722-3498 or via email for more information.

iStream Financial Services

iStream Financial Services delivers treasury management solutions that encompass all aspects of a payment transaction for both A/R and A/P. iStream’s end-to-end payment solutions for all payment types, deliver efficiencies and increase cash flow.  The iStream payments platform, Pymntz™ is centered around Payments, Data, A/R, A/P, Treasury Management and Reconciliation.  The platform functionality includes remote deposit capture, ACH, credit card processing, robust sub-accounting capabilities, lockbox / remittance processing and commercial bill pay; all while being bank agnostic. Utilization of iStream for payment processing for both bank and card centric transactions, requires no changes to existing banking relationships and results in decreased costs and increased revenue.

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Office Depot

FIPCO and WBA continue to join forces with over 37 state banking associations across the country, increasing our buying power and bringing even better benefits to you.

As a result of WBA’s participation in this national account coalition, WBA members will receive additional discount and new benefits. You will have access to the exclusive Business Services Division website, strategic brand name partnerships, multi-billion dollar buying power, and ease in economizing your bank's operations. You’ll also enjoy customer service from Office Depot’s best national account reps.

Additional member benefits include:

  • Discounts up to 80% off Manufacturers Suggested List Price.
  • A core list of 900+ frequently ordered, deeply discounted products featuring many high use commodity items and bank-specific products.
  • Your own customized list of an additional 75 items using the same steeply discounted pricing matrix as the core list.
  • Free next-day delivery by Office Depot truck or UPS, depending on your location.
  • Access to our website for placement of orders, online catalog, stock availability, order history, product returns, and usage reports.
  • The support of a local account manager who is responsible for total account management customer satisfaction and the support of Office Depot’s national account desk.
  • You'll also receive discounts on office furniture, print/copy services, custom business forms, stationery supplies, promotional products, lunchroom and janitorial provisions.
  • Your employees will have access to many of these same program benefits through the Employee Purchase Program.

For more information about this program, please contact Kimberly Gilbert at 855-337-6811 ext. 12815 or kimberly.gilbert@officedepot.com.

This program is available to WBA Members and Associate Members.

If your business is ready to begin taking advantage of this opportunity, you may begin by registering your business by using the following links.

Enroll your business to receive these savings by clicking here.

Individual employees can also take advantage of these discounts for themselves by clicking here to download an Office Depot Purchasing Card to obtain discounts in-store or registering individually using this link.

Thumbprint Signature Program

This innovative program is intended to deter check fraud by obtaining a Thumbprint Signature from non-customers when cashing checks. The inkless touch pad used provides a clear, clean thumbprint for identification without the messy ink used in traditional methods of fingerprinting. Institutions need not maintain a database of thumbprints, but can instead, refer back to the print that was placed on the check in cases of suspected fraud.

Early reports indicated 40 to 80 percent reduction in check fraud after the implementation of the program. In addition, less than 1 percent of non-customers asked to provide their Thumbprint Signature refused to do so. The presenter of the check presses the thumb of his or her right hand on the pad and places the impression of the finger on the face of the check between the memo and signature lines.

For more information on the touch pads, teller window displays, statement stuffers and decals, contact FIPCO Sales at 800-722-3498 or via email.

VGM Forbin

VGM Forbin was selected as the premier provider of web solutions in the Midwest for the financial industry, offering award-winning web design and hosting, search engine and social media marketing, and network services.  Their unique financial websites feature functional tools such as tracking, updateable content management systems, and custom financial calculators, all utilizing responsive design technology for mobile applications.  VGM Forbin is also knowledgeable in compliance guidelines for websites and FDIC advertising rules for web marketing.

Contact FIPCO Sales at 800-722-3498 or via email for more information.