Compliance & Management Services

The Challenge

The regulatory compliance landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. The challenges that financial institutions face due to the slow, ever-changing enactment of the Dodd-Frank bill, as well as the implementation of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations, makes compliance a moving target.

That complexity means your staff spends more time on “being compliant” and less time making loans or opening deposit accounts. Many institutions operate without benefit of a central Compliance Officer, so the burden falls to staff members, whose focus shifts from customers to compliance.

Let us help you get back to the business of doing business.

The Solution

FIPCO Compliance Services extend beyond the compliance resources already offered through the Wisconsin Bankers Association, like legal calls and the WBA Compliance Journal. Through consulting, coaching and customized regulation reviews, we deliver practical, step-by-step process improvements, actionable recommendations and comprehensive staff training – all at a reasonable cost.


FIPCO Compliance Services program will be flexible and customized to meet your needs. If your institution needs an overall review, the Compliance Risk Assessment service is the best fit. The risk assessment is a “big picture” service involving extensive Q&A, not just form reviews, and culminates in a report offering recommendations for improvement, not just a list of potential problems.

For more specific, in-depth coaching, the Compliance Consulting and Coaching service includes policy reviews, process and procedure examinations, exam/audit remediation, a Compliance Management System review, recommendation or a complete system, and anything else your institution needs to overcome compliance challenges. This customizable coaching experience is designed to pinpoint the needs of your institution and provide specific assistance, not cookie-cutter advice.

If your institution needs even further specialized assistance, the Customized Regulation Reviews cover specific regulations, such as but not limited to HMDA/Reg C, the Flood Disaster Protection Act, RESPA/Reg X, Truth in Lending/Reg Z, Fair Lending, Truth in Savings/Reg DD, and the Bank Secrecy Act/BSA. The ultimate goal is to provide a service that delivers the results your institution needs without clouding the waters with extraneous add-ons that it doesn’t need.

Getting Started

Contact Jeff Schmid, CRCM Director-Compliance & Management Services to discuss how we can help ease the stress on your financial institution due to compliance burden, at 800-722-3498 ext. 220 or via email.