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Handling Name and Signature Inconsistency in Documentation

Posted January 27, 2023 — Banks consider document type, purpose, relevant rules. By, Scott Birrenkott

Delivering a Better Customer Experience

Posted January 27, 2023 — To say the least, the last couple of years were out of the norm for the banking industry.

Encouraging Retirement Saving in the Gig Economy

Posted December 27, 2022 — Trust the Experts, We'll help you navigate change so your business can thrive.

Managing Online Stop Payment Orders

Posted December 27, 2022 — Ensuring satisfactory written instruction for electronic payments

Holiday Scams

Posted November 30, 2022 — Welcome to the 2022 holiday season.

HSAs, an Opportunity for Mutual Benefit

Posted October 31, 2022 — Why do individuals open HSAs?

Recent Court Action Overturns Closed-End Loan HMDA Reporting Threshold for Exempt Institutions

Posted October 27, 2022 — A D.C. Disctrict Court has invalidated the legal exemption threshold for reporting closed-end loan data for HMDA purposes.

Passwords: Ensuring Secure Data

Posted October 27, 2022 — How you can be your own best first line of defense against hackers

The Importance of Communication: How to Assist the Non-Technical in Understanding Technology

Posted October 3, 2022 — Part 2 in a series of how every member can learn to communicate effectively about technology

FIPCO Welcomes Cindy Thoennes

Posted September 6, 2022 — Thoennes is new to Wisconsin from Kansas City, Mo. and currently resides in Fall River.

FIPCO is pleased to announce that Donny Wilson

Posted August 31, 2022 — has joined as vice president - business development

Repaying Coronavirus-Related Distributions (CRDs): How Your Clients May Catch Up

Posted August 24, 2022 — On March 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law as the largest relief package in U.S. history.

The Importance of Communication: How to Understand Technology for the Non-Technical

Posted August 24, 2022 — Part 1 in a series of how every member can learn to communicate effectively about technology

Staff News

Posted August 10, 2022 — Staff News: Barnes and Witkowski Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

Get To Know FIPCO

Posted August 10, 2022 — This month's featured FIPCO Staff member is Alice Hamilton.