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Compliance Concierge Interfaces

About Interfaces

Interfaces, also known as data exchanges or integrations, are unique tools for sharing common data between two or more applications. The benefits include increased productivity and eliminating costly errors that result from duplication of data entry and direct access to correct information in a timelier manner.

Compliance Concierge™  integrates with a variety of automated systems, including host or core vendor accounting systems, on-line loan applications, CRA and HMDA reporting systems, credit bureaus, flood certifications, relationship management software and other third-party software by using optional non-host or third party interfaces.

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Current Interfaces

Non-Host - Third Party Interfaces (Loan, Mortgage & Deposit):

  • Barcodes
  • BankManager Elite
  • ConnectFI
  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Factual Data by CBC Credit Report
  • MeridianLink Credit Bureau/Advantage Plus
  • MICR
  • Trans Union

Non-Host - Third Party Interfaces (Loan & Mortgage):

  • Arch Mortgage Insurance
  • CRA Wiz
  • DU3.4 Export for any product like Calyx, Merchants Bank, Encompass
  • DU3.4 Import for any product like Calyx, Merchants Bank, Encompass
  • Factual Data by CBC Flood Certificates
  • Factual Data by CBC Loan Review Report (Soft Pull Credit Reports)
  • Fannie Mae DU – Automated Underwriting System
  • Freddie Mac LP – Automated Underwriting System
  • HMDA Wiz
  • MICR Official Checks
  • Mortgagebot
  • Questsoft Compliance Relief
  • RATA Comply HMDA/CRA

Non-Host - Third Party Interfaces (Mortgage):

  • MISMO ULDD for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae & FHLB
  • MISMO UCD for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae & FHLB

Non-Host - Third Party Interfaces (Deposit):

  • Ascensus IRA Management Center
  • FIS Qualifile/eFunds/ChexSystems ID Verification/OFAC

Host/Core Interfaces:

  • Automated Systems, Inc (ASI) - Loan & Mortgage
  • Fiserv Premier/Navigator Loan & Mortgage
  • Jack Henry 20/20 - Loan, Mortgage & Deposit
  • Jack Henry Core Director - Loan, Mortgage & Deposit
  • Jack Henry Silverlake - Loan & Mortgage

Interfaces under development

  • Jack Henry jXchange SilverLake
  • Jack Henry jXchange 20/20
  • Fiserv Precision Vision
  • CSI NuPoint - Loan & Mortgage
  • Meridian Link Flood
  • SIGNiX