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Compliance Concierge Interfaces

MMS 32™ Systems

Simplify the printing of in-house MICR documents. MMS 32 systems is a powerful program which uses special fonts to generate MICR encoded products such as payment coupons and starter checks utilizing your financial institution's personal computer and laser printer. Today, more than 2,000 financial institutions worldwide use MMS 32 systems to help lower costs and improve customer service.

For more information about MMS 32™ systems, or the MICR interface to the Compliance Concierge™  software, contact FIPCO® Customer Service at 800-722-3498 option 5 or FIPCO Sales.

Money Orders

Our Money Orders module will help reclaim customers lost to convenience stores and check-cashing businesses. Print the entire money order (logo, MICR line, and so forth) on blank stock for less than 10¢.

Loan Coupon Books

In-house coupon printing offers three of our most popular and powerful advantages:

  • Reduce costs.  Print your average loan payment book for less that 50¢ (24 months at 2¢ per coupon). The system’s database makes replacing lost books a snap.
  • Increase Service.  Furnish the coupon book on the spot at most loan closings or mail it locally and eliminate books arriving after the first payment date.
  • Ease of Use.  In most cases, the software can take coupon information directly from your mainframe or platform system via an ASCII transfer.

Courtesy Amount Recognition Coupons

With the growing popularity of document imaging, these special loan coupons were carefully designed to help in the power proof function. The gray shaded “drop out area” allows the payment amount to be read while the form itself is being scanned.

Christmas or Vacation Club Booklets

This perennially popular module allows its booklets to be quickly and affordably presented to your customer when they open the account. Books may be printed with specific dollar amounts, or with a range of preprinted amounts for the customer’s choice. The Christmas or Vacation Club module is offered as part of the loan coupon module at no additional charge.

Business & Business Payroll Checks

You can now generate new fee revenue while improving customer service, with no additional staff or hardware expense. For less than $13 a month, print within minutes a complete order of 300 business checks with 100 deposit slips ready to be slipped into a three-ring binder. A complete cost analysis is available here. All modules print reorder forms and maintain a database that makes replacing checks quick and easy. Commercial payroll checks print “double-stubbed” for employee information.

Home Equity Module

Most customers know what they plan to purchase when they open a home equity account. For a cost of approximately 25¢, you can provide twelve personalized home equity checks in checkbook form at the closing table to immediately begin their new line of credit.

Smarter Starter Check Module

Offer customers new to the area eight personalized checks with four deposit tickets as soon as they open their accounts. These handy “Smarter Starter”™ check envelopes cost less than $1, and represent the customer satisfaction only a local financial institution can provide.

Personal Check Module

This module is your best solution for shorter check orders such as starter kits, club accounts, senior citizens or home equity accounts. Printed in proper sequence on MICR perforated paper stock, a complete checkbook of 24 checks and eight deposit slips can be quickly presented to the customer for 90¢.

Expense or Accounts Payable Checks

Tired of pin-fed check stock jamming a printer whose only function is to print that check? Our Expense or Accounts Payable checks module accepts downloaded files from most existing accounting packages and prints them directly from your laser printer. In addition, the use of blank check stock reduces your costs and security risks. A Loan Proceed check module is also available.

Cashiers’ & Official Checks

Growing in popularity, our Cashiers’ or Official Checks module can help you:

  • Reduce Costs. The MMS 32 System™ prints the entire check in one printing pass. This allows you to print all your Expense, Cashiers’, Official Checks and Money Orders on the same secured blank check stock.
  • Increase Security. Because the system uses blank stock, there is no longer a need to “lock up” pre-encoded checks. Proper ID and password requirements help control access to checks and features.
  • Improve Reporting. Complete auditing reports are available on each type of check. Tracked by the individual user ID and password, you have a secured encrypted database of employee and customer activity.

General Ledger Debt & Credit Tickets

Some accounts require far fewer general ledger tickets than the average vendor’s minimum order. To avoid being stuck with a ten-year supply of general ledger tickets, simply print the ones you need with your current laser printer. Adding, changing or saving these unique tickets is quick and easy. You can build many different menu options as needed.

Cash In/Out Tickets

Eliminate potential operations headaches with the ability to print an emergency supply of teller tickets quickly and easily. As always, the look and design of the form can be easily customized.