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WBA Deferral Agreements Available from FIPCO at Reduced Price

WBA/FIPCO has the three deferral agreements available for consumer, commercial and agricultural business loan transactions: 

    (TL) 4S Simple Interest Deferral Agreement*  (Wisconsin Consumer Act Loans, simple interest)
    (TL) 4 Deferral Agreement**  (Wisconsin Consumer Act Loans, precomputed interest)
    (TL) 4B Payment Deferral Agreement** (non-Wisconsin Consumer Act Loans, Business, Ag) 

The forms may be licensed as electronic fillable PDFS. Contact for more details. 

Compliance Concierge software clients have the forms available in the software and through their blank forms web access. 

The forms were created for use with existing loan agreements between the lender and the customer for deferral of loan payments under an existing loan arrangement. The form provides that one or more installments can be deferred for the number of months agreed to by the lender and noted in the Payment Deferral Agreement. The maturity date would be extended by the number of months that payments were deferred.