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FIPCO Serves Their Compliance Concierge® Customers With Software Updates

Customers have always been, and will always be, top on the minds of FIPCO staff members. That is why we continually revise the Compliance Concierge® software with updated documents, regulation changes, and user enhancement requests.

Some of the items we’ve released lately are: 

  • HOEPA/HPM rates so Compliance Concierge® notifies when users are outside of their range
  • Reg Z threshold amount so Truth-in-Lending documents appear when required
  • Bank holidays for 2023 that allow Compliance Concierge® to calculate rescission
  • Over 40 secondary market documents that the GSEs have changed
  • Updated Ascensus® IRA documents
  • User-requested warning messages on certain screens
  • Factual Data by CBC interface
  • Revision to WBA 382 P.O.D. Beneficiary Designation document
  • User-requested commercial application document
  • Updated Automatic Payment Authorization to comply with NACHA rules

We continue to distribute timely information through software release notes, notices, and the monthly FIPCO Focus e-publication.  If you are not receiving these items and would like to, please visit www.fipco.com and edit your profile or, if you are not registered with our website, click “SignUp” to request these items. 

As always, FIPCO staff members are here for you. If there is anything we can help with, please contact our business development team at fipcosales@fipco.com, or fipcosupport@fipco.com.

By Annette Witkowski, FIPCO director software support and training services