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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Automate your call center calls with interface.ai’s AI-powered phone system

interface.ai was founded with the mission to help every financial institution efficiently scale and help their customers achieve financial wellness using artificial intelligence (AI). Srinivas Njay, founder and CEO of interface.ai, understands that the success of an institution lies not only in the services provided, but in the experiences of employees and customers alike.

Stepping into the future, with the help of AI, interface.ai’s assistants automate many services that the bank is already offering. From phone banking to debt collection, banks are able to rely on up to 60 omni-channel solutions that support operations and enhance experiences. Along with this, customers would benefit from “smart” assistants whose focus is simplifying discovery and transaction experience through conversation.

Banks will also be one of the first to combat hiring and retention while also providing added assistance to their frontline staff. Although interface.ai’s intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) is able to answer frequently asked questions 24/7 and relieves staff to offer greater support to specific inquiries and improve productivity. Products provided by interface.ai are designed to enable banks to operate with high efficiency even during testing circumstances.

As AI becomes increasingly more popular, there is no doubt bankers have concerns about how AI technology will impact their business. While AI allows continuous access to bank functions to customers no matter the time of day, interface.ai still encourages banks to be cautious when approaching AI technology. As many vendors may compromise aspects such as maintenance and authentication for their own ROI — interface. ai, however — prides itself on helping banks offer the best customer service, highest safety standards, guaranteed ROI, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Security requirements and compliance laws are a top priority in ensuring that the solutions provided to banks are certified, follow appropriate guidelines, are protected and backed up at two different levels, and are audit logged. Along with this, all maintenance — including setup, ongoing AI training, support, and any new system integrations — are at no additional cost to the bank. interface.ai firmly believes that AI will be the solution to an improvement in customer and employee experience, efficiency, and revenue throughout the banking industry and wants to allow access to banks of all sizes to experience and profit from the future’s technology.

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interface.ai is a WBA associate member.