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Getting to Know Us: Annette Witkowski

Meet  Annette Witkowski, Director Software Support and Training Services. She reveals more about herself below…

Hometown: Grew up in Marshall.  Have lived in Deerfield, WI for over 40 years.

Best fish fry (in Wisconsin, of course):  Pickle Tree in Deerfield

Favorite App/game on your phone:  1010!

Favorite magazine or publication you enjoy reading:  Reader’s Digest

Favorite vacation spot:  Anyplace where I can enjoy nature. I also like to visit museums.

Favorite book: Wizard of Oz series

If I won a million dollars, I would: Give most of it away, save some for my grandkids’ college and a little towards retirement. I would love to build an auditorium for our small community, but it will take more than a million dollars to do that.