Get a 2018 FIPCO Compliance Concierge Loan & Mortgage Forum Notebook

Missed the 2018 FIPCO Compliance Concierge Loan & Mortgage Forum? You Don’t Have to Worry About Missing Out

Limited supply of Forum notebooks available…get yours today!

Even if you were unable to attend the 2018 Forum, you can still benefit from the valuable materials provided within the conference notebook. This must-have resource includes information pertaining to Compliance Concierge™ Loans and Mortgage such as:

  • Escrows. PMI. Your Questions Answered.              
  • Compliance Concierge™ Many Things Commercial and Agricultural
  • Compliance Concierge™ HELOCS, Commercial and Agricultural LOCs field to form mapping
  • Conquer the Components: Understanding the Aspects of a Loan File
  • Compliance Concierge™ Software Tips and FAQs
  • FDIC Examiners
  • TRID 2.0
  • Beneficial Owner Regulation & Compliance Concierge™ Screens

The 2018 notebook is available exclusively for current FIPCO Compliance Concierge™ Loan and Mortgage software users, and will not be reprinted. Order your copies before supplies run out by contacting FIPCO at (800) 722-3498 ext. 238 or