Ask your questions LIVE

You’ve got questions about beneficial ownership identification and verification. We’ve got answers...LIVE!

July 16    l    10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Cost: only $89 per connection for unlimited attendees

This unique LIVE video event allows you to ask your questions during the deposit and loan software walkthrough. Join WBA’s Scott Birrenkott as he uses his legal expertise to answer your most pressing questions.

Through this LIVE opportunity you will: 

  • Learn the relationship of the law to the system’s programming.
  • Understand the system’s fields preparing you to face even the trickiest situations.
  • Know the most up-to-date beneficial ownership resources available.
  • Ask your questions! (Did we mention this was LIVE?)

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Scott Birrenkott, Assistant Director - Legal, Wisconsin Bankers Association

Scott will also be joined by members of the FIPCO professional staff