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FREE IT Networking Opportunity

Helping you manage the ever-changing compliance burdens and enhancing your institution’s operational efficiency has been a top priority for FIPCO for over two decades. FIPCO’s complimentary Information Security/Audit Services Round Table Discussions and IT Audit and Security Services are two of our more recent tools created to help promote your success.

A natural complement to these services, FIPCO’s Information Security/Audit Services Round Table Discussions were recently introduced to give you a free forum for networking, sharing experiences and discussing IT security and audit specific issues currently facing today’s financial industry. These complimentary sessions are centered on information security, general IT controls and audit issues.

“I am very glad to have been part of this discussion session,” said Mike Lee, Vice President, First National Bank at Darlington. “Those who met share many common concerns – with security being the main issue. There was a good variety of knowledge shared, and people were very willing to suggest solutions.”

Robin Roberts, Information Systems Officer for Middleton Community Bank agrees. “It is always good to sit and talk current IT topics with others who know exactly what you are going through. At the last FIPCO IT Round Table, almost every discussion subject had something to do with my bank. I would highly recommend to any IT professional to attend and participate in the FIPCO IT Round Table Discussion Sessions.”

Information Security/Audit Services Round Table Discussions are currently scheduled for March 20 in Wausau, April 19 in La Crosse and May 10 in Crandon. Although these sessions are complimentary, seating is limited and registration is required. Register today at

The growth in the number of institutions utilizing these services and the subsequent high satisfaction ratings are a clear indication that these are extremely valuable services to the institutions we serve.

To learn more about FIPCO IT Services please contact the FIPCO Customer Service Department at 800/722-3498 or FIPCO Sales.

"There are so many great sessions at the software user conference, and if you can't be at them all, you can just refer back to your materials later. The book is very valuable and is a great tool to take back to work."

- Karla Knutson, Security Bank, Ridgeland