Compliance Concierge Deposit

The Compliance Concierge™ Deposit system is designed to facilitate the opening of new deposit accounts as well as managing on-going account maintenance functions.

Compliance Concierge™ Deposit was designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, compliance and visibility into your deposit operations, specifically:

  • Trusted FIPCO Forms Integration
  • Managing the workflow of deposit account openings across locations, roles and levels of authority
  • Pre-defined and custom reports: pre-defined standard reporting, plus custom report availability
  • Institution parameter control: helps to ensure proper controls throughout the account opening process
  • Credit bureau interface: automated credit request from the three major credit bureaus

Maintenance module:

  • Add, change or remove participant, beneficiary or agent information
  • Provide Truth-in-savings disclosures for inquiries
  • Wire Transfer requests
  • Stop payment orders
  • Hold notices
  • Suspicious Activity report
  • Safe deposit box ancillary forms
  • And more!

Utilize a custom variety of optional features to further empower your Compliance Concierge™ Deposit platform:

  • Third-Party Integration: seamless integration with third-party service providers, automatically incorporated into your Directed Screen Flow for maximum productivity
  • Host Integration: interface Compliance Concierge™ Deposit to your host servicing system for downloading of CIF information and uploading deposit accounts
  • E-Signature Capability: a digital signature pad can create e-signatures for deposit documents
  • Check Ordering: generate paper orders or submit electronically
  • Ascensus® IRA, HSA and CESA documents: the ability to complete this documentation within the software   
  • Integration to ChexSystems to verify customer does not have a history of negative banking relationships

For a personal product demonstration, call 800/722-3498 or contact FIPCO Sales.

Compliance Concierge Deposit

New Account Opening module:

  • Open a full range of deposit products for both consumer and business entities including fiduciaries, for opening checking, savings, CD, money market, safe deposit box, IRA and Health Savings Accounts
  • Open multiple products in a single session and add on Agent, Beneficiaries, ATM and Debit Card requests per product
  • Collect CIP information on all parties of every account
  • Complete preauthorized payment, overdraft transfer and direct deposit of federal benefits requests with each account
  • Disposition functionality approves the application or provides Adverse Action Notice for denied accounts
  • Integration with eCommerce Manager for online new account application to upload into Compliance Concierge