Training & Events

Date(s)Event NameTypeCategory
4/28/2014Deposit Account Opening - Compliance Concierge Webinar Deposit
4/29/2014 to 4/30/2014Compliance Concierge Loan (Front-End) Training Training Loan
5/7/20142014 FIPCO Compliance & Software Forum - Deposit Conference Compliance, Deposit, IRAs
5/8/20142014 FIPCO Software Forum - Loan Conference Compliance, Loan, Mortgage
5/8/2014IT Round Table - Appleton Round Table Operations/Technology, Security
5/12/2014Compliance Concierge Admin Review Webinar Loan, Mortgage
5/13/2014Real Estate Webinar - Compliance Concierge Webinar Loan, Mortgage
5/14/2014Commercial/Ag Webinar - Compliance Concierge Webinar Loan
5/15/2014Basic Consumer Webinar - Compliance Concierge Webinar Loan
5/20/2014Compliance Round Table - Marshfield Round Table Compliance
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"I am enjoying the webinars you are conducting for Compliance Concierge. I am participating in all of them in February because each time, I get more out of it and learn more each session…so it's very beneficial. Thank you for offering them!"

- Jacqui Eggers, Loan Secretary, Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank