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Proposed TILA/RESPA Delay Will Not Affect FIPCO Implementation
IT Threat Intelligence Briefings Offer Added Value to FIPCO Roundtables
Committee Continues to Serve as Vital Link Between Software Users, FIPCO Staff
Compliance Services Event Headed to Wausau
From the President: In an era of unprecedented regulatory commotion...
July Training Sessions
Have You Ordered "Your Home Loan Toolkit"?

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"Being a Financial Link®/LoanCalc processor since Jan. 1994, I must admit I was nervous about changing to Compliance Concierge™. The support provided by FIPCO is just as good today as it has been all of these years. I always feel confident that I will get an answer to any question or problem that I may have. Our bank is very comfortable with Compliance Concierge™ and we feel that it is working well for our bank. Thanks to all support people, you are all very kind and helpful."

- Debbie Kreibich, Black River Country Bank Melrose